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SIINNO Technology LLC, was founded by Gouzia Sivarajah in September of 2016. She founded the company with the support of her family and mentors, to help people live better and safer lives. SIINNO Technology is dedicated towards using high end technology to create devices that will improve the lives of people all around the world. SIINNO is currently developing it's first two products.


In the summer of 2015, Gouzia Sivarajah was at a park when she saw a blind individual walk into a a low hanging tree branch. She was shocked because said blind individual acted like hitting his head was a somewhat normal occurrence, and so she went home and did some research. Later on that year she participated in a science fair and decided to create a device that would help blind individuals travel safely and efficiently, and that was how the MAVI was born. Gouzia's older brother, Krish taught Gouzia how to code and from there she spent hours and hours working on the MAVI and creating different prototypes. Gouzia won first place and became Grand Prize winner at the regional level, and also got a special award from the NAVY and Marine Corp. She also won 2nd place at state and got a special award from the American Military Engineers San Antonio Post. From there Gouzia started visiting various blind communities and in September 2016 Gouzia founded SIINNO Technology LLC.

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